Enhanced Healing Through Technology

Int2Med's national and international partners include: surgeons, nurses, procurement staff, stores personnel, receptionists & secretaries. In fact everyone involved directly or indirectly with the care and treatment of patients. 

Company Operations

​Int2med operates from its offices in Windsor, Berkshire, just outside london and 15 minutes from Heathrow airport. As an organisation Int2med operates in both the UK and international medical device markets, where it markets and supports a range of products which include some of the most innovative and cutting edge medical devices available today.

Small Company & Start-Up geared Sales and Marketing Support

​In support of traditional sales and distribution roles the company can provide a number of marketing and sales services to university spin-offs and those companies looking to penetrate the medical devices arena.

An Ideal Partner

​Int2med has a strong platform for direct UK sales and international distribution along with a successful management track record in market positioning, life cycle management and business development for new products and emerging technologies.

If you have a question about the products or services provided by Int2Med just drop us a line here​.

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