Enhanced Healing Through Technology

A modulus of elasticity similar to that of cortical bone, advanced deformation characteristics that give it a high fatigue strength and NO REPORTED INFLAMMATORY RESPONSE (based on over 50,000 cases world wide).

Great Biological Profile

Sustained Compression that Extends to Weeks


Int2med can provide customers with the 4th & 5th generation of bioabsorbable implants from the scientists and engineers that originally developed the market leading biological implants. The Bioretec range of implants include: ActivaPins & ActivaNails for the reattachment of bone fragments and anchorage of materials for cartilage repair such as​ Chondrotissue, and a wide range of AO compatible screws including the antibiotic impregnated Ciproscrew. We also supply a range of interference screws starting at just 4mm diameter. Take a look at the features below to see the performance of these materials and how things have changed.​

The Activa Range of implants is specifically designed to provide instant compressive fixation of the fracture or osteotomy.
Second stage fixation is achieved as the implant expands in diameter while shortening in length as the natural hydrolysis of the device begins. Ongoing compression continues well beyond the "relaxation " stage seen with conventional metal bone screws.

Two stage fixation process - Physical design & Hydrolytic locking

Bioabsorbable implants from Bioretec offer surgeons and patients the opportunity of avoiding unnecessary secondary operations - and the added complication when screws or implants need to be removed.

Due to the innovative design of the implant in-built Hydrolytic fixation and compression of the bone fragments is sustained for longer than conventional screws. This unique sustained compression, extended strength and a wide range of AO comparable implant sizes offers a complete range of solutions.

Cost Effective

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