Foot and Ankle Implants - A Tried and Tested Range


In addition to carrying a range of standard fore and hind foot implants, Int2Med are proud to offer the latest design of Pilon Fracture Plates. Based on hundreds of bone scans, the STEP System plates offer a very high degree of conformity with angular stability and "rafting" screw placement.  In addition Int2Med offers Foot and Ankle surgeons the SmartCorrection deformity correction system capable of simultaneously correcting two 3D deformities within the same foot and ankle via a simple to use web based software platform. We have been told by surgeons that this is unique!​

Bioretec ​bioabsorbable screws for easy Syn​desmosis or Fusion

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Enhanced Healing Through Technology

Bioretec ActivaScrews offer the surgeon complete compatibility with AO screw plating systems and can be used for both syndesmosis with or without a plate as well as ankle fusion without the concerns of having to remove screws at a later​ date or having partial head protrusion leading to patient discomfort. 

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