Foot & Ankle Surgery

Chondrotissue  HAMIC TM For degenerative and traumatic repair of the cartilage in the talus and major joints of the foot  remarkable regeneration of cartilage in a major trauma with bone loss.

Activa Nails and Pins for osteotomy and traumatic repair avoiding secondary operations and patient discomfort.

Activa Screws and Cannulated Screwsfor Fusion and Repair - strength and support without the need for removal. 

Smart Correction  Computer Assisted Deformity Correction System. 

Retrograde Arthrodesis Nail 

  • Unique "slotted" proximal tip to prevent tip fractures
  • 12 Degree Valgus Angle for true anatomical loading
  • Dynamic Proximal slot for compression and threaded distal screw holes for greater stability.