Joint Revision & Limb Salvage

The most difficult of situations often can only be resolved using The latest technology MiMiC offers surgeons the potential opportunity to resolve the most challenging cases. Teams that have used us already rated our service as second to none with implants.

Custom 3D Printed Replacements

Full additive 3D printing service which includes full surgeon engagement, customised design, full load analysis to ensure no compromise, biological custom options. 

Revison Acetabulum - made to match the surgeons chosen implants.  

Custom Knee Augementation.

Custom Ankle Fusion - inclusive of positional cutting jigs

All come with and anatomical models that can be used in theatre for surgical planning. All build on a platform of implant clinical history and performance.  Provided Pre - sterilized 

Patient matched whole structural allografts-  including pelvis, sternum talus and long bone structures

Please contact us to discuss your patients needs or the process, and remember we are fully GDRP compliant.