MaxFacs, Dental & Cranial

Planning is an essential feature of modern surgery. We offer an integrated service aimedat reducing theatre time, increasing safety and providing performance that is second to none.

Resection planning using patient CT or MRI scans and CAD technology is performed in consultation with our bio-engineers. The surgeon then defines the operation to be undertaken.  We then provide anatomical models for pre-operative and intra-operative examination, along with "Safe Boarder" cutting guides and custom implants that take into account crucial anatomical structures. The operator can even pre-select screw sizes and trajectories saving theatre time and improving safety.

TMJ Joint Replacement


Maxillofacial Reconstructio


Oral Reconstruction & Resection

Custom Cranial Implants 

Custom plating with or without dental fixation provision 

All materials,  guides and model can be provided Sterile or ready for on site sterilisation.  All build on a platform of implant production and clinical history and performance. 

Please contact us to discuss your patients needs or the process, and remember we are fully GDPR compliant.