Oncology The MiMiC solution 

Planning the resection is often the primary concern when addressing a bone tumour. We offer an integrated service which involves resection planning between the surgeon and our bio-engineers using CAD technology, provision of anatomical models for pre-operative and intra-operative examination, along with "Safe Boarder" cutting guides and  custom implants. We partner with you on every step as to a guided implant in a little as 3 weeks. The Service is provided for both Max-Facs, Dental and Orthopaedic services. 

Also worth noting is that the custom implant can be matched to any prosthetic preference, so if there is a particular prosthetic you prefer to use, this can be accommodated during the design. 

All the materials,  guides and model can be provided sterile or ready for sterilisation.  All implants build on a platform of implant clinical history and performance.  

Alternatively you can choose to use our Patient-matched whole structural allografts, including pelvis, sternum, talus and long bone structures.

Please contact us to discuss your patients needs or the process, and remember we are fully GDPR compliant.