Paediatric Foot & Ankle Surgery

Int2med has been involved in providing the leading edge in foot and ankle surgical products since its launch as a company over a decade ago. We provide all the products you can expect ( plates screws nails)  at some of the most competitive prices, but here are just some of our most innovative products.

The Shell

Unique expandable device for correction of deformity in the Paediatric foot. Specially designed for minimally investive surgery and controlled correction

Chondrotissue  HAMIC TM For degenerative and traumatic repair of the cartilage in the talus and major joints of the foot - The youngest patent treated in the UK was just 6 years old. 

Activa Nailsand Pins for osteotomy and reconstruction after Trauma all while avoiding the need to have a second operation to remove metalwork.

Activa Screws  and Cannulated ScrewsEasy implanted using standard AO instruents and Techniques

Smart Correction  Computer Assisted Deformity Correction System.