The UniX range of fixators offers clinicians and patients some of the latest designs and fantastic performance - without excessive cost.

The range encompasses Pin 2 Bar Systems, Rail Systems, Unilateral Fixators with Distraction/Compression, Ankle Fixators and Mobile Elbow Fixators. 

UniX system components are compatible and inter changeable with Smart Correction  components.​

Hybrid structures convert to full Deformity Correction Frames without the need remove the hybrid rings.

Available with a Range of SS, Ti and HA coated Bone Screws.

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Smart Correction is a third generation limb deformity correction system comprising patent protected rapid deployment "click" struts for fast fixation, along with carbon fibre rings and titanium components, making the product one of the lightest and comfortable systems available.

Smart Correction

Rapid Sterile or Non Sterile Pin 2 Bar system, ideal for the rapid stabilisation of fractures in long bones and the pelvis. The system also affords surgeons the opportunity of converting the system to a definitive fixator, using the supplementary packs, or a Hybrid Fixator by using it in conjunction with rings from the Smart Correction System.

Full line of devices for use in a range of fracture. The systems offer surgeons the ability to undertake combinations of translation, rotation, distraction, compression and, where possible, full joint articulation. All this combined with a range of cost effective disposables such as HA screws and Pins.

Enhanced Healing Through Technology