Complexity is something seen by upper limb surgeons each day. While there are a whole range of plates and screws available to address many of these needs at Int2Med we focus on those not so easy to fix problems. 

No Distal Targeting required -

InSafe Lock Humeral Nail & 

InSafe Lock Ulna Nail

Activa Pins & Nails  For Metacarpal Repair - strength and compression without the need for removal. 

Activa Screws  For Latarjet Repair - Proven Compression and strength without the need for removal. 

Clavicular Nail fixation- Minimally Invasive Technique for midshaft fractures

Unique problem solving upper limb plate range

Epicondylar lateral plate, VAL Clavicular plates,

UniX Wrist Fixator - sterile packed and ready to use. No need to go looking for kit when the trauma occurs.  Offering distraction and a range of angles and pin positions. Quality is NOT sacrificed for convenience.

UniX Range of Motion Fixator. For stiff and complex floating elbow problems. Allows for fixation and controlled motion/ distraction.